Take Senate executive position, elective seriously

Cayla Maurer, Verge Editor

As Lauren Price, Student Senate’s executive vice president stepped down from her position for personal reasons, the campaign and election process is about to begin. This means students should be aware of what’s on the line.

While many people might assume that an empty executive seat is not a big deal, I can assure you that it is, in fact, a big deal.

As EVP, one is required to hold different positions such as Student Trustee on the Board of Trustee’s to be the voice of the student body as a voting member. Also, the EVP is in charge of the Student Action Team: a group of students who lobby in Springfield on behalf of Eastern.

This position alone has the power to not only change things for the better around Eastern, but also the power to change legislation in the state of Illinois. During the lobbying trip on April 9, 2014, members of the SAT met with representatives from their home districts and Senator Dale Righter to lobby for a new Physical Science Building.

Being EVP also allows one in the position to work with top administrative staff such as President Bill Perry, Vice President Daniel Nadler and Board of Trustees on a regular basis.

That means this person will have access to share the students’ wants, needs and opinions about what happens not only here at Eastern, but in Charleston and throughout Illinois.

This person will have face time with those who run the university and have the authority to push for change.

This person will be the eyes, ears, mouth and–if need be–the whistle-blower of the student body.

In short, I strongly encourage students to start showing interest in the matter.

Each of the duties and responsibilities that lie on the shoulders of the EVP of Student Senate can easily crush a person if the right candidate is not recognized and elected.

As students of this university, we need to be aware of the movement and decision-making processes our student representatives are taking. We should know what they are calling on our top administrative officials to do well for the most integral part of Eastern: the students. You are being allowed the privilege of partaking in a serious decision that could truly benefit Eastern’s conditions in larger ways and small.

So, now you are asking yourself what should you do now that you understand what’s at stake here? Be aware and take action.

Read The News to see who has applied for the position, attend the open forum to pinpoint which candidates display what it takes to be elected and vote for the person you feel is right for the position.

Do not just ignore the email you will be receiving through Panthermail to vote on the new executive member. Click on the link and vote.

You will not regret it.

Cayla Maurer is a senior journalism major and can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].