Eastern grad shares advice, experience on business


Chynna Miller

Aaron Moore, the president and owner of Precision Painting and Decorating and Eastern alumni, gives Eastern students advice on owning a business Thursday in Lumpkin Auditorium. The lecture was apart of Entrepreneur Week sponsered by the Sustainable Entrepreneurship through Education and Development.

Mike Ommen, Staff Reporter

Closing out Entrepreneurship Week, Aaron Moore, an Eastern graduate and owner of Precision Painting, spoke to students Thursday about his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

He shared a few guidelines for becoming a good entrepreneur, including being “all about the people,” which he said was his most important rule.

“Making friends and being able to see the perspective of others is and always will be the most significant part of entrepreneurship,” Moore said.

He said entrepreneurs should keep in mind that customer service is non-negotiable.

In order for a business to run properly, it must have a well-provided customer service base, not only to customers, but also to employees and vendors, Moore said.

He said running a business comes down to “doing the right damn thing.”

Making the right decisions may not positively affect a business in short term, but it will in long-term, Moore said.

He also said the easier decision is most likely the wrong one when talking about the success of a business.

Moore said business owners should not be afraid of showing a little vulnerability, because “people like to do business with people.”

“You’re going to be responsible for hiring people and responsible for their well-being,” Moore said.

Moore said in order for a company to be successful, everyone in the company as well as competitors must come up with values and a purpose.

“There must be someone in a company who is in charge of everyone, with the ability to make critical decisions such as firing and hiring people,” he said.

Moore said he defines an entrepreneur as a natural born leader willing to dive in to any task with ambition and passion.

Moore said he came to Eastern in fall 1997 without knowing a single person and joined Delta Chi Fraternity, the Inter Fraternal Council and the diving team.

He left Eastern after three years to do an internship for Charles Schwabb where he sold stocks; then he was offered a full-time job.

However, the offer was revoked when he returned to finish his final year at Eastern, and he began selling Yellow Pages and helping people with their mortgages until he started painting with a friend.

After deciding to move to Seattle, Moore’s friend told him he could have half the company if he stayed, which is where his painting career began.

Aaron Moore’s company Precision Painting and Design is located in the Chicago area and starting to expand into Wisconsin after three years, with 25-40 full-time employees.

The audience asked about his company’s hiring process and what he looks for in workers.

“Finding someone with the same values as the company, will help personally and professionally, and make it easier to acquire essential skills needed,” he said.


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