Newman Catholic Center to commemorate last 75 years

Coraima Vazquez, Staff Reporter

The Newman Catholic Center will be celebrating 75 years with “Newman Night” at
5 p.m. Saturday in the St. Philip Neri Chapel,
500 Roosevelt Ave.

A dinner and dance will follow at the Grand Ballroom in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union at 6 p.m.

Terry Coulton, the head of the Newman Center committee, said the purpose of the anniversary celebration is to raise money for students going on alternative spring break trips to serve others.

Newman students serve twice a year as missionaries in Haiti through the Haiti Connection.

To honor the 75 years of service, a faith, hope and charity campaign has been launched to sustain the active ministries and apostolates at Newman.

The organizers hope to surpass their $20,000 fundraiser from the event last year.

The funds will be used for charitable outreaches of the Newman Center and to assist students on mission, educational, and service trips, according to the press release.

Coulton said the Newman Catholic Center has served students well since its founding in 1939.

Coulton said a lot of alumni come back for the event.

The theme is “Remembering Our Past, Celebrating Our Present, and Ensuring Our Future.” The meaning of the theme is to embrace faith and continue helping others in need, not just local, but from other parts of the country.

Coulton also said current students at Eastern enjoy these events because it opens opportunities to travel to different parts of the country giving aid to those in need.

“Students become more involved,” Coulton said. “They shape their own path.”

The Newman Catholic Center also has alternative spring breaks. Alternative spring break is when students travel to different parts of the country and help those in need. The students who attend alternative spring break have been to many locations worldwide.

The Newman Night is all about having fun while contributing with charity to help the students continue with their charity campaign.

There will be raffles for three prizes; a grand prize of $1,000, an iPad 2 15GB and an Eastern-Charleston basket, Coulton said.

Tickets for the Newman Night event can be reserved by contacting the Newman committee by email or phone; Coulton said everybody is invited. Tickets for dinner are $25 and for students $15.

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