GLAM to strut for awareness


Roberto Hodge | The Daily Eastern News Shaniyah Mayes, a freshman Psychology major poses for the upcoming Glam show Wednesday evening.

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

Attitude, hair flipping and six-inch heels strutted down the T-shaped runway, women leaning forward with their hands on their hips while winking for GLAM Modeling’s practice show Wednesday.

The posing and sass were all in preparation for their upcoming 7 p.m. Saturday show in the Grand Ballroom of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Kendall Jackson, the president of GLAM Modeling, said this year’s first show would be all about awareness since October is dedicated to LGBTQA History, Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence awareness.

In the past, the executive board would come up with themes for the show, but Jackson said he is changing that. He said since he and his models are more like family, they will all collectively come up with ideas to put on.

This year’s show was thought of two weeks ago.

“(It’s) a new side of glam we want to introduce to the campus,” Jackson said.

Jackson said there would be three parts to Saturday’s show; the first will be a dedication to LGBTQA History Month with a traditional modeling show. The models will dance Vogue with a Power Point behind them educating members in the audience of the LGBTQA history.

Breast Cancer will be the second session and have two sections. The models will show off dark colors as they are just finding out that they are diagnosed with the disease. Going into the next phase of this session, the models will be showcasing a pink accent on their clothing as they will be celebrating surviving the ordeal or learning how to cope with it.

Domestic violence will be the theme of the third and final skit, which is a much darker and more serious portion of the runway show.

“The domestic violence scene is very intense,” Jackson said.

He said this scene would have the models looking somber and upset with dark colors and a depressing atmosphere. Jackson said this scene will not only touch on physical violence from by men on women, but also women abusing men and mental abuse.

Essentially, the breast cancer and domestic violence skits will all tell some sort of story through the models’ actions.

Jackson said he and his models are all excited doing such a show because everything is new for the organization this year, including the models.

He said in order to get the models ready for the their events, he helps them with posing and runway walking because he has had some experience with modeling in the past.

“When it comes to walking, it’s all about confidence and ease,” Jackson said.

Jackson said the organization is hoping to do more community service modeling events this year as well as forums and bring in guest runway coaches.

He said the organization is also planning on doing traveling and is interested in working with other organizations. Jackson also expressed interest in working with Couture Modeling, a Registered Student Organization that started earlier this semester.

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