King Louie closes Kappa Kares Week with performance


Kevin Hall

Chicago rap artist King Louie performs during Nupes at the Apollo Sat. Oct 4 in the University Ballroom of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. King Louie performed several songs from his mixtape titled “Tony”.

Kevin Hall, Staff Reporter

King Louie’s performance, which was preceded by students dancing, rapping and singing, served as the grand finale for Kappa Kares Week Saturday in the University Ballroom.

Nupes at the Apollo was the final event to take place for the men of Kappa Alpha Psi Theta Gamma’s week of fundraising.

Although the Kappas did not reach the goal they had set to raise money for a breast cancer operation for Heidi Adams, the wife of one of the members, they did still make enough to send her some assistance, said Eric Echols, current Kappa president.

Student performers such as Tiara Pillow, a senior corporate communications major, hit the stage showcasing her lyrical word play in order to prepare the crowd for King Louie’s performance.

Nupes at the Apollo served as the first time Pillow would open up for an artist as big as King Louie, Pillow said.

“It was a great feeling just knowing that King Louie would perform after me,” Pillow said. “It was definitely just a humbling experience for me and my organization, DaSpotEnt; I felt as though I was there as a fan, but being able to be on stage made it that much better.”

King Louie was the final act of Nupes at the Apollo following some of Eastern’s own students displaying their lyrical, vocal and poetic ability.

The show put on by King Louie consisted of him and members of his entourage, M.U.B.U. Gang, performing some of his older songs, and some from his latest mixed tape titled “Tony.”

The Kappas gave cash prizes to audience members who came up on stage and participated in different dance contests they had between each act.

Audience members were placed in competition with one another in order to decide which participant did the D-Lo Shuffle or the Shmoney dance the best.

After watching each individual perform, the remanding audience members then made the decision as to who they thought won by giving the loudest round of applause to the contestant they deemed worthy.

“The dance competitions during intermissions were set forth to make the show more interactive with the audience and show more of Eastern’s students talents,” Echols said.

The goals of having a smooth running and successful show were fulfilled throughout the entire event, Echols said.

“I feel like hosting a successful event such as this allowed us to address certain limitations placed on RSOs by the university, and it definitely is a triumph and land mark displaying the advancement of RSOs,” Echols said.

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