Mary Hawkins relatives to visit Pemberton Hall

Stephanie Markham, News Editor

Relatives of Mary Hawkins, the second “matron” of Pemberton Hall, are coming to campus Thursday to gain insight on their family history.

Gilbert Hawkins, who is Mary’s great grandnephew, and his wife Annette will arrive in Charleston Thursday from their home in New Zealand.

Mark Hudson, the director of Housing and Dining, said Mary was a supervisor in Pemberton Hall from 1910 to 1917, and at the time, residents referred to her as the “matron.”

The Hawkins will be residing in a room in Pemberton Hall for their visit, which will be until next Wednesday.

They will also be guest judges for the residents’ activity, Pemberton’s Got Talent, at 8 p.m. Thursday in the Pemberton Hall lobby.

Hudson said the Hawkins are visiting Charleston to continue with their genealogical research.

He said he and other faculty members would share the research they have been compiling for the past few years about Mary and what it was like to live during her time.

Hudson said they would be exploring the community as well as visiting Mary’s gravesite.

He said they would also talk about the myths and ghost stories that have followed Mary after her death.


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