Artists brings abstract art to Tarble

Samantha Middendorf, Entertainment Editor

William Cogner will bring his abstract art to the Tarble Arts Center Atrium as he speaks to Charleston residents at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 30.

Cogner’s presentation is in conjunction with the exhibit of his work titled “William Cogner: Recent Gouache Paintings.”

The exhibition consists of 38 gouache paintings he painted.

Denise Noell, an art historian, said Cogner’s work causes viewers to think about the ideas that apply to the object in the work.

“The object—in this case, the gouache—is specially made by the artist to stir the beholder, who possesses desires, beliefs, and a host of memories that inform his or her response,” Noell said.

Cogner is based out of Chicago and is a professor emeritus of art theory and practice at Northwestern University. Cogner has been educating others in art for more than 50 years.

Cogner received a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico and a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Chicago.

Pieces of Cogner’s work have appeared in many exhibitions throughout the United States including “William Cogner: Paintings 1958-2008” at the Chicago Cultural Center and “William Cogner: Career Overview” at the Cedarhurst Museum in Mt. Vernon, Ill.

Admission to the exhibition is free of charge. “William Cogner: Recent Gouache Paintings” will continue through Oct. 26 at the Brainard Gallery.


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