UB shines light on Homecoming


Kevin Hall, Staff Reporter

The University Board homecoming committee is planning to switch things up this year mixing old events with new events in order to give Charleston a “Bright Lights Blue City” themed homecoming starting Oct. 20 through Oct. 25.

Homecoming traditions including “Yell like Hell” and the annual Eastern parade will be featured throughout the week. “Yell like Hell,” an annual cheer competition, will take place at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24 in the McAfee Gym. The parade will take place at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 25.

Lori Knoechel, head homecoming coordinator, said these are annually hosted so people can come out and display their school spirit. She added these returning events will be refreshed in order to coincide with this year’s homecoming theme.

Even traditional events such as coronation will have a have a slight difference this time around.

“It will probably be the most traditional event that we have. The format will be the same, but we do want to make it more interactive with the students,” Knoechel said.

UB will be adding new twists to the normal homecoming routine including a bowling night, sidewalk parties, and even a citywide coloring contest.

For sidewalk parties, stations will be set up throughout campus with different RSOs manning the stations.

Each station will have different games and activities that students as well as staff and faculty can partake in.

Not only attempting to grasp support from the campus, Knoechel and the homecoming committee will be attempting to reach out to the Charleston community through the their first ever coloring contest.

The contest will start on Oct. 13 and will go throughout the week before homecoming. Charleston Elementary School students from kindergarten through third grade are the targeted crowd for this contest, Knoechel said.

“EIU is really trying to reach out to the community, we want people to know that we are not just a university here,” Knoechel said.  “We actually care.”

The contest will give kids a chance to win different prizes and the board will announce the winner at the homecoming game.

Knoechel said her vision of homecoming is just to strengthen the unity between the students, staff and faculty through homecoming festivities.

“I just want to unite the students as one big body, so they can have a good time and they can celebrate Eastern because that’s what homecoming is all about.” Knoechel said.

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