Committee to set specifics for current presidential search

Debby Hernandez, Administration Editor

The Presidential Search Committee will review specific requirements for the position of Eastern’s president during a meeting at 9 a.m. Wednesday in the Effingham Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

David Mead-Fox, Eastern’s presidential consultant, created a draft summary of specifications for the president position based on the input given to him during the various forums available to the campus community.

John Dively, chair of the presidential search, said Mead-Fox was also able to create specifications for the position from input of the administrators.

“Mead-Fox was impressed with the input and open participation at Eastern,” Dively said. “He walked away with the ability to put job specifications in this.”

The committee will also summarize the input given during the presidential search forums with Mead-Fox.

The presidential search committee is made up of 18 members including Board of Trustees members, faculty, the vice president for student affairs, Student Senate, Staff Senate and community representatives.

Members of the committee will identify and interview the finalists for the presidential position.

Dively said the committee aims to ensure the campus community stays as active participants throughout the entire presidential search.

“For the finalists, I encourage members of EIU to participate and give their feedback as well,” he said. “We are making this an open, transparent, and engaged process.”

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