Organization named Eastern lead institution

Morgan Murray , Staff Reporter

Eastern has completed more than half a million hours of service addressing critical issues on campus in the last five years. This lead to Eastern being named a lead institution by the Student Affairs Administrators in High Education.

“Eastern Illinois University is continuing to build upon our strong tradition of student volunteerism and civic engagement,” said Rachel Fisher, the director of student community service.

On campus students are offered courses and programs that will involve them in civic engagement. Dealing with things like hunger, poverty and homelessness, animal protection, conservation, veterans appreciation and assistance initiatives, and helping our elderly and local youth, Fisher said.

Certain courses provided at Eastern are connected with after school programs that deal with volunteering and hands on experience.

“I am very proud of the work that EIU has been completing over the past few years in civic learning and engagement. From service learning in the classroom to volunteer events” Fisher said.

There is more than 50 local partners from the community that volunteering occurs. Such as, local food pantries and various other great locations for community service.

“EIU students are highly motivated and volunteer on their own with various non-profits,” Fisher said. “Volunteering occurs seven days a week and we work with volunteers who make a daily, weekly and even semester commitment based on availability and need in the community.”

There are a huge amount volunteering options and connection of the community and classrooms.

“Being recognized as a national leader in this field is a reflection of the quality of our current efforts,” said Dan Nadler, the vice president for student affairs. “Also our ongoing commitment to inspiring students to challenge themselves through leadership and service roles moving forward.”

Eastern has been a founding university, which means that it was selected as one of the top 50 universities to discuss engagement.

“That provides us a great platform to share promising practices and learn from other national leaders in service,” Fisher said.

Along with this there is always a need for more volunteer work and engagement. There are many ways to get involved and a lot of options available.

Fisher said if students are interested in getting involved, they can call the community service office to set up a meeting or look at the website to learn more.


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