Ebola, superbugs to go under microscope in lecture

Danielle Tadlock, Staff Reporter

Superbugs and Ebola will be the main topic from Catherine Belling Tuesday in the Doudna Lecture Hall at 6pm.

Anyone can come to the free reception after the lecture to ask Belling questions.

Phi Beta Kappa is hosting the event as a part of their Fall Lecture series.

Belling will be discussing the history of Superbugs and what the future holds for Ebola.

“It speaks eerily and presciently to our current moment in history,” Belling said.

Belling is an associate professor of Medical Humanities and Bioethics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Belling is an editor of the journal “Literature and Medicine,” part of the Johns Hopkins U press.

She has also been part of the Board of Directors of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities.

Belling also wrote a book, “A Condition of Doubt: On the Meaning of Hypochondria” in 2012, which won the Kendrick Book Prize in 2013 and was listed under the “10 Best Books of 2012,” in The New York Daily News.

About her book Belling said, “It’s a specific way of reading the body and a slippery category within the medical profession.”

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