Sororities to open doors to new members


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Hannah Braman, a freshman early childhood major and Katelyn Fawns, a sophomore business major, run to their new sorority sisters in Alpha Sigma Tau during bid day which took place in the Library Quad on Monday.

Samantha Middendorf, Entertainment Editor

Every fall semester, new, returning and transfer female students endure formal recruitment with the hopes of joining the sorority of their dreams.

It takes many helping hands from the various sororities to ensure recruitment runs smoothly every year.

Out of those many include Gamma Chis.

Gamma Chis are sorority members that disaffiliate with their chapter every year to act as mentors to the girls interested in rushing, also known as potential new members.

Olivia Link, a junior psychology major, is one of many gamma chis for this year’s fall recruitment.

“Joining a sorority is important because it creates a positive and supportive atmosphere right when you come to school (for freshman),” she said.  “You meet all of the women you go through recruitment with, you have the opportunity to meet all the women already in chapters, then you have the opportunity to know all the women in your future chapter.”

Link said she encourages all women to rush, whether they believe they would enjoy being in a sorority or not.

“You never know what you might end up loving, honestly,” she said. “It can be such a positive experience, Greek life really brings out the best in people.”

Link added their purpose during rush week is to find the perfect fit for the prospective student

“The current members of Greek life are doing our best to get you to a place where you belong and will feel comfortable,” she said. “Don’t take any of it personally, you will end up in a place you’ll love to call home.”

Recruitment takes place Thursday through Monday.

A “round” represents each night of recruitment.

During first round, potential new members visit all nine sorority houses.  At the end of the night, both the potential new members and current members will select their top houses.

Second round features each house’s Philanthropy.  Girls will participate in crafts that support their philanthropy.

For third round, potential new members will return to five houses to get to know the members.

Fourth round is called Preference Night.  Preference Night features two houses that the potential member may join.

The final day is Bid Day.  Bid Day is the day potential new members will join a sorority and run across Greek Court to meet their new sisters.

Link said she never thought she would join a sorority until her mother convinced her to go through with recruitment her freshman year.

“It never seemed like ‘my thing’ and here I am recruiting for it,” she said. “Take a chance.”


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