Letter to the editor: In Ferguson, we are all ignorant to the facts

My name is Hannah Edwards and I am a junior finance student. I would like to provide a response to the piece written in the Opinions section of the Daily Eastern News (8/29) by Roberto Hodge:

I am a white, female, middle class woman and I will admit that I haven’t spoken about or expressed any opinion on the events in Ferguson, Mo. 

It is not because I don’t care, because I felt like Mike Brown “deserved to die,” or because I don’t feel like it has anything to do with me. 

As a “white” (or just as a “person” as I like to classify myself), I have not spoken out on this topic because I simply don’t know the facts. 

I am not Officer Darren Wilson, and I am not Mike Brown — the only two people who know what truly happened that night. 

I have no right to say that it was discrimination and I have no right to say what happened was fair. 

What occurred that night was tragic, but I’m certain that pointing fingers, looting stores and continuing this spread of hate isn’t going to fix what happened. 

I hear you shouting “ignorance” at me, but unfortunately in this case, no matter how much one thinks they know about the situation, we’re all ignorant to the facts. 

Thank you for your time!

Hannah Edwards

Junior finance major