Labor Day; just another day off

Kevin Hall, Staff Reporter

With over a century of celebration behind it, Labor Day is a holiday set aside to commemorate the United States’ work force and labor unions.

But for many students it is just another three-day weekend. Every year, Labor Day comes on the first Monday in September, and though it is supposed to celebrate U.S. workers, most students view it as a mini-vacation from the first week of school.

Getting back to school is something that could be difficult to adapt back to and some would even argue that having Labor Day off could disrupt the mindset of students trying to get back in the rotation of the academic year.

Martha Deerman, an associate professor of sociology and an educator for over 20 years, said that Labor Day being in the midst of the first weeks of school could possibly deter students and teachers from getting focused back on classes.

“I believe it is definitely a possibility that the day off for Labor Day could definitely cause confusion for both students and faculty in getting situated for school,” she said.

A holiday created to honor the labor force has become a day for relaxation, leisure and even ignorance to what the day actually means.

Although it is a possibility that the Labor Day vacation causes a rift between school and downtime, some feel as though properly preparing one’s self for school will not let a one-day vacation alter the concentration of students.

Moniesha Curry, a senior psychology major, said that although she is very appreciative of having the day off it is not something that she deems absolutely necessary.

“We have too many days out of school as it is,” she said. “I think we should spend all the time in school that we can because we should value educating ourselves.”

The Labor Day gap left in some people’s school schedule is ultimately a reflection of a person’s individual work ethic.

Although some students may be distracted by the Labor Day vacation, it is not as if that one holiday throws off the entire academic year.

Starting school before Labor Day gives students and faculty the opportunity to accomplish more work, despite the day off.

Briana Wesley, a freshman biological sciences major, said getting started with school before Labor Day puts many students at an advantage.

“The earlier you tackle what you need to do, the easier things will be for you later,” she said.

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