Locals disappointed by Farmers Market cancellation

Blake Warman, City Editor

The Charleston Farmers Market had its last event on the Square Wednesday due to construction complications that would get in the way.

Charleston residents gathered Wednesday for the final farmers market of the 2014 season. Originally the farmers market was intended to continue until Oct. 29, 2014.

The date had recently changed due to construction that has been scheduled to happen on the Coles County Courthouse. The plans for construction are to “tuck point” the courthouse. Tuck-pointing is the extraction and replacement of old mortar with new mortar.

Many local farmers expressed their disappointment on the early cancellation of the farmers market. This cancellation affected farmers like Debbie Tucker who use the money made from the farmers market as a source of income.

Tucker said the cancellation of the farmers market this early is a disappointment, especially when it comes to meeting certain customers’ needs.

Other farmers, such as Cathy Cloud of Johnson Branch Produce, were disappointed because of the good growing conditions this season.

“This season for farming has been one of the best seasons I have had in seven years,” she said.

Other farmers enjoy the social aspect of the farmers market. One farmer, Ron Uphoff, enjoys his time in retirement by spending time with his son and grandson farming for the farmers market.

Mike Knoop, owner of Roc’s Blackfront Restaurant and Lounge and longtime organizer of the farmers market, said he is also disappointed in the recent construction complications. Rather than redirecting the farmers market to another area, Knoop made a decision to end the year early.

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