Renovated bar to reopen

Blake Warman, City Editor

A local bar, Stu’s, after having renovations done over the summer, looks to make a big return starting Friday from 10 p.m. until 1 a.m. with new lighting and an updated sound system.

Denis Beharovic the head of PR and booking, said he is preparing for the new school year and the newly renovated Stu’s. Beharovic, a resident DJ for the bar as well, said he was also getting his setlists ready for the day. 

Beharovic said over the summer, they thought the bar needed some work. 

“Stu’s required some tuning to provide a better experience for the students of EIU,” Beharovic said. 

The goal Behavoric said was to keep it’s “Chicago-esque club atmosphere while staying true to our roots” with their tropical surf theme that has been a staple for the club for years.

Specifically, renovations have been made to the DJ booth. The DJ booth has a more interior sound now and will feature newly installed black lights to help the booth stand out, Beharovic said.

They also added additional lights to their previous dozen lights covering the bar. Behavoric said the additional lights should give Stu’s a more enriching experience for customers. 

“It gives Stu’s the advantage it needs in providing the best dance floor and club experience here in Charleston,” Behavoric said. 

Behovric said he hopes these renovations add to the club atmosphrere they are trying to promote. 

This atmosphere, Behavoric said, is solidified by the multiple light shows Stu’s provides. This also can be attributed to the sound system Stu’s provides thanks to Tim Howie, their executive sound and light director.

Howie updated the sound system to increase the output of the speakers.

With Stu’s opening back up, Beharovic said he wanted to ensure the safety of all the students hoping to have fun at Stu’s. 

 “Although at Stu’s we like to provide a good time for our students, safety is our primary concern,” Behavoric said.

Beharovic added things can get a little crazy at Stu’s, especially when the dance floors are packed

 He said he best advice he can give is for students to take care of each other.

“Take care of yourselves. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time, but your safety is our primary concern,” Beharovic said.

Stu’s will be open on both Friday and Saturday night. For the opening weekend they will have both resident DJ’s Beharovic, or Brohavok as he is known on stage, and Jake Armijo, another DJ also known Jake Mij, playing music throughout the weekend. 

On Friday night Mij will be playing his set from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. and on Saturday. They will have Brohavok mixing from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. 

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