Former Pet Tropics owner to open new Charleston store


Blake Warman | The Daily Eastern News Owner Mike Corray helps customers at the new store, Fetchers.

Blake Warman, City Editor

Mike Corray, a local business owner revitalized what was once Pet Tropics to Fetchers. Those interested will find food, toys and equipment for pets.

Corray owned Pet Tropics from August 1991 to May 2013.

Pet Tropics in that time had moved around the area of Charleston. Eventually, Corray said he had to take a year to recreate the new business

Unlike Pet Tropics, this pet store will not offer food made in China. Corray opted to do this in light of all the recalls on animal food made China.

One of the biggest changes Corray has made is no longer selling live animals.

However, Corray has made a deal with the Genesis Animal Rescue, in which, once a month he will have dog and cat adoptions in the store.

Corray said the reason for his decision to not sell live animals is because it is a tough business. Corray added not having livestock was more than just an ethical decision, but also a business decision that benefited by saving money in the end.

“The retail and sale of live animals is tough. It’s hard to do it right and to do it from an ethical standpoint at times,” Corray said.

Opting for no live animals allowed Corray to have more money. Having to pay for someone to take care of animals was what really became costly. The money to have laborers clean the animals and the cages, as well as take care of the animals, proved costly. Corray said he managed to save $35,000 from animal labor alone.

Corray decided to keep pieces of the post office. Some features kept are some of the steel that is visually seen throughout the store.

Corray said he decided to keep the steel vault and a steel spiral staircase from the original post office.

Corray said he was optimistic for the new store. He added that his family and the community have been really supportive. Corray also said with the benefit of being your own landlord, he has saved money as well.

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