Family accepts Farmer of the Year Award


Tomie Sue, Wyatt, Angie, Abby, Hailey, Jami and Mark Austin accept Farmer of The Year Award on Jim Austin’s behalf.

Blake Warman, Staff Reporter

Jim Austin died on June 17 but not without leaving behind a legacy that his community, family and friends will remember him for. This legacy shined through as his family accepted the Farmer of the Year Award on his behalf Thursday as part of Charleston’s Red, White and Blue Days.

Tomi Sue Austin, Jim Austin’s wife, said she felt honored to accept the award on his behalf.

The only thing Tomi Sue Austin wishes is that her husband was here to accept the award himself.

Jim Austin lost his battle with lung cancer in June.

Mark Austin, Jim Austin’s son, said his father was known through the community for many things, one of which was his love for pulling.

Jim Austin was constantly involved in competitive sport and truck pulling, and he was a fellow member of Pro Pulling League.

While Jim Austin was involved with pulling, he was also a very well involved farmer who had his own family farm.

Mark Austin said he was glad to accept the award on his father’s behalf, because of what it meant to his legacy.

“This award helps his legacy live on with the family and the community that so greatly supported Jim throughout his time fighting cancer and his time pulling and farming,” he said.

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