Board of Trustees approves $6 million personnel cut Friday

Bob Galuski, Editor-in-Chief

The Board of Trustees approved two budgets Friday, which included a cut of personnel services by $6 million for fiscal year 2015.

The board also approved a budget submission for fiscal year 2016.

The $6 million cut could be a result of attrition, President Bill Perry said.

“There’s attrition from last year, and there’s more attrition this year,” Perry said. “We’ll try and do attrition as much as possible.”

However, the attrition would work as when new programs are added and personnel are moved to these programs, rather than hiring more.

Perry also said that programs would be evaluated based on how they do with enrollment. He said that programs that are showing enrollment decline would be less likely to have positions filled once they become vacated.

He also said another solution would be for the programs with declining enrollment to come up with new degree programs, such as when the board approved the degree program in continuing education or the music degree.

Perry added that this way faculty would be able to move to the new programs without the university having to hire on more faculty members, and the new program would increase enrollment prospective.

“It’s a recognition that there’s a major that other schools are offering that we are not, where there’s job prospects,” Perry said.

He said it was not enough to just offer majors with teaching and performance, but instead to think outside the box — areas such as maintenance and behind-the-scenes works for different majors.

“We want every department looking for these new opportunities,” he said.

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