Fraternity to shave hair for cancer research

Every super hero eventually hangs up the cape.

“It’s kind of like seeing a super hero gradually lose his strengths and abilities,” Mike Embry said about his father’s battle with cancer.

“You try to encourage them but sometimes, as you know with cancer, that cancer takes its course and ends up taking the life of the person that it’s hosting.”

Embry, co-advisor to Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Zeta Nu chapter, and several brothers of the fraternity will participate in “Never Would I Ever”, an event designed to raise money for breast cancer research.

The name, “Never Would I Ever”, came from a gesture that the Indianapolis Colts players and cheerleaders showed their head coach, Chuck Pagano, while he was battling cancer.

Several of the players and cheerleaders shaved their heads to show solidarity with the coach.

The cheerleaders’ action resonated with Embry.

“They are sacrificing what they are known for, their beauty,” Embry said, “Most of them won’t go to the extreme of cutting their hair off or doing something to damage that image.”

The active brothers approached Embry, an alumnus of the Zeta Nu chapter, with the idea, and he loved it.

Embry said the extra step of the brothers dying and shaving their hair was the reason for the name.

All proceeds will go directly to the Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital Regional Cancer Center.

The participating brothers will dye their hair pink on Oct. 20, and raise money through the week.

They will then shave their heads after raising certain amounts of money with more brothers shaving their heads as more money is raised.

Their goal is $1,000 dollars.

The head shaving will take place Oct. 31 during “Stroll Like an Alpha Week.”

Cameron Douglas, a senior clinical lab science major, said if the donation goal is met, all participating brothers will shave their heads, including Latarius Ferguson, known for his long dread locks.

Douglas said he is participating to support his brothers who have lost someone to cancer.

Tito Quinones, a senior communication studies major, and president of the chapter, said he is participating because many of his close friends and brothers have been affected by cancer.

He also said that Dan Nadler, the vice president of student affairs, will wear a pink wig and pose for pictures with the participating brothers.

“It’s important to have faculty backing,” Quinones said.

The extra action will make it more impactful, according to Quinones.

The fraternity took to social media to promote the event and will carry pink jars to gather donations throughout the week.

“Any money we can raise is a step towards the cure,” Quinones said.

The brothers wanted to keep the donations local, choosing Sarah Bush Lincoln in an effort to give back to the community.

Douglas said the hospital has seen cutbacks and this is Alpha Phi Alpha’s way to support it.

Driving around the community, Embry said he has seen several donation boxes benefitting people battling cancer and other diseases as well as research.

Sarah Bush has the staff and medical team to make a difference in the area, Embry said.

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