Staff Editorial: Community realized importance of JAC

Wednesday night, a line of customers wound within Jackson Avenue Coffee and overflowed to the street outside. Through their collective efforts, these customers raised $19,168 to save the JAC from closing its doors.

We are thankful to all the students, staff, faculty and community members for taking the time out of their days and their wallets out of their pockets to chip in and help a local business in its time of need.

The collective efforts of these customers is a reminder that the power of community can accomplish great things when members of their community need a hand.

It is important to remember that the JAC is a part of the Charleston and Eastern communities, not just a business. The JAC is more than just a place for students to pick up a cup of coffee and biscotti; it is a place for personal growth and opportunity.

The JAC employs several Eastern students each semester, working around their busy schedules to provide them the opportunity to earn their own income and gain financial independence.

The coffee shop also has a wealth of space where students can gather away from campus to study, relax and socialize, possibly even meeting new people who they might otherwise have never met on campus.

Nearly every month, the walls of the JAC are covered with new art displays, many created by Eastern students.

Through these displays, students can express their creativity, showcase their talents and make a little extra cash.

Throughout the week, the coffee shop brings in local musical talents from around the area to perform. Many of these performers are Eastern students who are still gaining a following and honing their skills, so the chance to perform is a great opportunity for them.

The performances also offer inexpensive local entertainment for students. As well, every Thursday night is Open Mic Night, when anybody, student or otherwise, can take to the JAC’s stage and showcase their talents while also gaining inspiration from and networking with other performers.

There is more than just bricks, baristas and coffee beans that make up the JAC. A sense of community is a part of all the coffee shop does for and provides to students and residents alike, a sense of community that other, larger businesses cannot provide.

We are thankful that the efforts of so many members of our community were able to recognize the place and importance of the JAC and to ensure its continued role in both the Charleston and Eastern communities.