Lawyer to discuss worker’s compensation laws

A local attorney will present employment laws and worker’s compensation information on Tuesday.

Greg Ray, an attorney at Craig & Craig in Mattoon, will be talking with members of The Society for Human Resource Management at 7 p.m. on Tuesday in Room 2020 in Lumpkin Hall.

Ray has been active with Craig & Craig since March of 1976, according to Ray’s biography on his company’s website.

Ray has argued worker’s compensation cases in front of both the federal and state agencies that deal with worker’s rights and compensation after injury.

Heather Jia, an assistant professor in the School of Business and the adviser of SHR, said Ray will be talking with students about the laws that surround employment and worker’s compensation issues in Illinois and will answer any questions that they have afterwards.

“Worker’s compensation is very complex and each state has different laws,” Jia said. “There is only so much that can be taught in the classroom, and so many of our students are likely to encounter, or know someone who is going to encounter worker compensation injury.”

Jia said students might need to know these laws if they go into certain fields.

“If they go into management, they will be in a situation where they may have to address situations related to worker’s compensation,” Jia said.

Jia said she hopes this forum will help students in their futures.

“My hope is they will get some familiarity with the basics of worker’s compensation practices, so that when they do encounter that in their professional careers, they will have some basis to make decisions and to know where to go to have problems and concerns addressed.”

Jia said anyone is welcome to attend to learn about these laws.

“I’m looking forward to the students having the opportunity to have some of the principles that we teach in classes and have them focused in a professional forum,” Jia said. “And to also have an opportunity for the students to get networked with human resource professionals.”