Eastern students create plans for Super Bowl Sunday

As the Super Bowl nears, students are gathering their snacks and friends together while rooting for their favorite teams.

Chris Wojtysiak, assistant director of Thomas Hall Dining, said Thomas Dining Hall will host the Super Bowl party for the first time.

He said it will be a good opportunity to put on a student-friendly event.

“Since we’re open, we’ll serve our Super Bowl menu as well as late-night pizza,” Wojtysiak said. “We’ll be able to have the entire game on.”

Wojtysiak said the menu will include a build-your-own nacho bar, hot dogs, pizza slices, chips and dip, as well as the sandwich line being open.

He said he expects a better turnout since it will be in Thomas instead of Taylor, where the party had been held in previous years, because students will be able to enjoy the entire game.

Students can also enjoy the game by hosting their own gatherings.

George Jones, a sophomore geography major, said before attending Eastern, for him, the Super Bowl was more of a family tradition.

He said in years past, he would invite three or four friends over to watch the game with him, and they would order pizza.

He said he always felt like watching the game felt like an American tradition.

“The Super Bowl is always fun. It’s one of America’s values,” Jones said. “Everyone in the world comes together.”

Jones said this year, he is watching the game at the Newman Center and favors the New York Giants to win.

“I love their style of play. They like to get after the quarterback on defense,” Jones said. “I’m expecting a close game.”

Brandal Miles, a junior kinesiology major, said last year’s Super Bowl was especially important to him.

“I’m a Packers fan and everyone else didn’t want them to win,” Miles said.

Miles said this year’s game will not be as special to him because Green Bay is not in as the defending champions.

Before coming to Eastern, Miles said he would get together with his family and friends and cook food prior to the game. He said depending on who hosts the game, each year would be different.

“We would switch things up every year,” Miles said.

Miles said he and his family would cook things like nachos, salads, chicken and Chinese food.

Kevin Pranevicius, a senior history major, said he gets together with his friends, and to him, the Super Bowl is a major deal.

He said he plans on watching the pre-game coverage. He added that the commercials every year are one of the factors that kept him watching the game.

“It’s always worth it,” Pranevicius said.

Pranevicius said the right menu is crucial on Super Bowl Sunday.

He said people would usually either order wings from Buffalo Wild Wings or Hooters. Since he has been at Eastern, he said he also gets wings from County Market.

Overall, Pranevicius said the Super Bowl is always important to him every year.

“I make a big event out of it,” Pranevicius said. “It’s a holiday and a big part of our lives.”

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