Students scrimp & save to find the best deal deals

Even as the holidays pass, many

students still check their receipts to determine how they can save

every penny possible.

One way students said they try to save money is by resale shopping

instead of going to pricier department stores.

Nancy Kuykendall, owner of Twice Is Nice, a consignment shop in

Charleston, said she mostly sells resale furniture, decorative

items and clothing to people looking to save.

She said resale shops like hers save people money because of better

pricing and top brand name availability and can be a wonder for

someone looking for a particular appliance, furnishing or


“It’s a one-stop shop for the family,” Kuykendall said.

Buying resale items is not the only way students save money.

Charleston’s First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust regional deposit

manager Barb Marquis said saving money can be both simple and hard

at the same time for students.

Marquis said because students have to pay tuition, fees and other

expenses, it can be difficult for them to consistently save. She

said opening up a basic checking account could be a first step

towards saving even the smallest amount of money.

Marquis said there are two specialized accounts students and

residents alike can open up at any bank.

She said the first of these is a “Christmas Club” account, which

pays off from mid-October to July.

She said the minimum balance could be as little as $1, with .075

percent interest coming back into savings.

The second type of special account is a “Summer Savers” account,

which Marquis said accrues every May with 1 percent interest going

back into savings.

Eastern students expressed they often have major difficulties in

saving money, especially with tuition, fees and unexpected


However, many students explained how they have their own techniques

for saving money.

Courtney Lafond, a junior family and consumer sciences major, said

she cuts corners when buying groceries and splurges on hygiene

products and technology.

Lafond said she budgets her money into groceries, travel, personal

and savings expenses in order to save as much money as


Lafond said now that she lives in an apartment, she prefers making

her own food opposed to going to the dining halls or eating


“I found during my freshman year, I was eating in the dining halls

more often because of the many options available, and I wanted

quicker and less healthier food,” Lafond said.

She said because she lives in an apartment, she limits how often

she goes out to eat. But when she does, she said she tries to find

the best deal possible for her budget.

“I try to use a coupon,” Lafond said. “With being a college

student, I try and find the best deals.”

Austin Jenkins, a sophomore biology major, said he also cuts

corners with groceries.

Jenkins said he makes his own food every day and rarely goes out to

eat, mainly because his parents provide everything for him.

However he said he also likes to splurge occasionally on


“The only time I do is when I’m given money by my dad,” Jenkins


He said he also saves money with his clothing purchases and mostly

shops at thrift stores as opposed to resale shops.

He said he has found thermal t-shirts and jeans there.

“Sometimes, stuff is as good as the department store,” Jenkins

said. “If a sale goes on and I really want something, I’ll go out

and get it.”

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