Stevenson to host ’70s-themed meal

For the first time, the reservation only dining at Stevenson Grill Etc. will have a ’70s-themed meal Thursday evening.

Jamie Huckstead, assistant director of dining at Stevenson Hall, said the staff serving the RO meal will be dressed in tie-dye shirts and jeans for the ’70s theme. She said customers are encouraged to dress up in any ’70s attire they may have.

“I think it’s fun for the employees,” Huckstead said. “It’s just different for them, a different atmosphere.”

Mark Wegener, a senior history major and head student manager for Stevenson Grill Etc. agreed with Huckstead and said he thinks employees will enjoy the theme. Not only will employees get to dress casually, but they will get to keep the tie-dye shirts they wear for their shifts, he said.

Huckstead said the menu for the meal will be the same as regular RO meals. She also said customers should make reservations online as they normally do for RO meals.

Huckstead said she expects a full house with nearly 260 reservations.

Wegener said he does not have much ’70s apparel, but he said he would be attending the dinner service, eat and set up music for the evening.

“We are trying our hardest to get some ’70s music in the background for the night,” Wegener said. “It will really offer a difference in atmosphere.”

Wegener said he is working with Gregg Media Services to help set up the music.

“I’m excited about the theme,” Wegener said. “Especially if we get lots of people dressed up. Someone in platform shoes and an afro, that would be great.”

Huckstead said she thinks students will enjoy the themed meal in part due to the popularity of television programs such as “That ’70s Show.”

“Everybody kind of like(s) that show,” Huckstead said. “The antics of that show . . . that’s what I think of when I think of a ’70s theme.”

To make a reservation for the meal, students should visit the RO options of Tower dining on the dining section of Eastern’s website.

Seth Schroeder can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].