Committee plans for Greek Week with ‘True Colors’

Members from the Greek community will join together in various events this week to show its “True Colors.”

The overall Greek Week Steering Committee chose this theme for Greek Week.

Jodi Matheny, a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, Eric Baker, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha and Steve Udowitz, a member of Beta Theta Pi, are serving as the “2011 Greek Week Overalls.”

Any Greek member can apply to be on the steering committee, Matheny said. From these applications, “overalls” are chosen. It is the job of the “overalls” to let the chapters know that applications are available for the committee.

A member fills out an application and has an interview and the committee is selected from there.

At the beginning of the semester, the steering committee met to determine the theme for the week and how to incorporate each theme into each of the week’s events, Matheny said.

Matheny added this year the steering committee’s goal was for Greek Week to encourage unity among the chapters.

There were multiple themes proposed this year including “Greekopoly” (like Monopoly), “Around the World,” “The ’90s”and “ChuckTown Shore” (a spin off from Jersey Shore) along with many other ideas.

Matheny said the committee ultimately chose “True Colors” because it allows all the chapters to show their true colors and be who they are.

From there, the committee chose “Grey and Blue, Our True Colors Shine Through EIU” as the week motto to promote school spirit, Matheny said.

This year Greek Week will take place from April 1 to 9. The week will include its traditional events such as Greek Sing, tugs, air band and pyramids.

It will also feature other events such as a trivia night, Dance Dance Revolution and bingo, as well as Jefferson Fun Day, where Greeks will volunteer at the elementary school and set up a day of races, crafts, and fun games for students.

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