Board to review presented budgets

The Apportionment Board will be voting on the four previously tabled budget requests at today’s meeting.

The Student Recreation Center and the student government gave their budget presentations at the March 3 meeting, but their requests were tabled for further review.

The Rec. is asking for the same amount of money as last year, which totals to $220,000, and supports all aspects of the Rec., which includes $180,000 for student employment.

“It’s money going back to the students,” said Ken Baker, the director of the Rec. Center, according to the March 4 issue of The Daily Eastern News.

Baker also said the Rec. is asking for a lot less money compared to what other universities spend for similar programs.

The student government is asking for an $11,061 increase over last year, which would be a total of $60,666.

“This is exactly how much money we need to operate the board,” said Student Body President Michelle Murphy, according to the March 4 issue of The Daily Eastern News.

Murphy said the increases come from an increase in tuition and the Conference on Student Government Associations.

During the March 10 meeting, the AB saw two budget presentations that were given by the University Board and the AB itself.

The UB asked the AB for more than $10,000 for next year’s budget.

The production committee of the UB is asking for $3,925 more, which adds up to a total of $13,725 making it the UB’s largest budget increase.

The UB productions committee is asking for money to purchase two subwoofers and two top speakers.

The UB comedy committee is asking for $23,930, which will be up $3,400 from this year, making it the second largest increase.

The UB is asking for a total of $257,928 for next year.

Alyssa Anderson, the vice chair of the UB, said this increase comes with the idea to bring more well known acts to campus, according to the March 11 issue of the Daily Eastern News.

Also at the March 10 meeting, an outline of the AB’s budget was presented.

The board is asking for a $1,550 increase, which makes its budget a total of $25,500.

“Most of the AB’s budget goes to the reserve account, some of it goes to our secretary’s payroll, because she takes our minutes,” said Ashley Hoogstraten, the chairwoman of the AB. “There are five line items in the budget, but most of it is just for the reserve account.”

AB’s adviser, Ted Hart, said an increase in the civil service salary and group insurance led to the budget increase.

The meeting will start at 7 p.m. today in the Arcola-Tuscola Room located in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

“Whoever’s budget gets cut must come back next week and present a re-worked budget to the board,” Hoogstraten said.

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