Students confess secrets

The University Board began displaying student secrets but will still be collecting them until March 2.

Last week, the members of the University Board collected student’s anonymous secrets as part of Eastern’s PostSecret display based off of Frank Warren’s PostSecret project.

The collected secrets are hand written post cards and note cards that have been arranged in a display in the Bridge Lounge of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. Students can still drop off their secrets at the Student Activities Center on the second floor of the Union.

Alyssa Anderson, a senior psychology major and vice president of UB, said that she is confident the display will send out a strong message throughout campus.

“You can’t help but walk up to it and look at it. It’s all different handwritings and colors.” Anderson said.

Many of the confessions are decorated in some way such as with crayons, markers, magazine clippings or colored paper. Anderson said several of the highly decorated entries will be placed in a display case.

Anderson also said some of the secrets with a strong or unique message will also be placed in the display case. She said many of the confessions feature messages about the love or a person’s individual fears.

“Some of them say things like, ‘I don’t walk on sewer caps for fear of falling through them,’ ‘Nobody knows, but I grew up in a single parent home,’ or ‘I have a crush on you, but I’m not going to tell you.'”

“Even though we are all individuals, we all carry a secret,” Anderson said. “I hope (the display) helps unite the campus. Even if it’s more inward than outward, even if it’s anonymous people can relate to some of the secrets posted. Maybe someone else will feel better because they are also afraid of sewer caps.”

Anderson also encourages more students to drop off their secrets.

“We’re not here to judge. People shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to share since it’s anonymous,” Anderson said.

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