Possible ‘undie-run’ for charity

The Student Senate will discuss two previously tabled items of business: the Illinois Board of Higher Education bill and the sandwich board resolutions.

Both resolutions will be voted on at this meeting.

“This weeks’ meeting will be less intense than the coming weeks,” Speaker of the Senate, Jarrod Scherle, said.

Another project that will be discussed within a few weeks involves a group of three Student Senate members working to improve parking.

Student Senate members Zach Samples, J.R. Patton and Kaci Abolt were scheduled to meet with Chief Adam Due of the University Police Department to present research and discuss ways to improve parking.

“We know we can’t increase the number of spots, but we are looking to improve the distribution of spots,” Samples said.

At today’s senate meeting, the group plans to present their parking resolution.

At the orientation, newly appointed committee members and their committees worked on planning a hypothetical meeting.

During the student affairs committee report, a new project, which was formed during the orientation for the 10 newly sworn-in senate members on Jan. 29, may be discussed.

The student affairs committee won for their idea of planning an underwear charity run this upcoming spring.

Ed Hotwagner, chairman of the student affairs committee, heard about the undie-run, a charity run, last year.

Hotwagner describes the charity run as anyone interested wearing clothes that no longer fit, clothes they want to give away or clothes they are just tired of.

He went on to say that there would be a place set up for each participant to take their clothes off down to their underwear.

Underwear could be whatever students consider them: boxers, shorts, tank tops or sports bras, Hotwagner said.

After everyone is in their underwear, students would participate in a run around campus.

All of the clothes collected would then be donated to a local charity.

“My committee and the senate seemed to really like this idea,” Hotwagner said. “It works well with the campus because there is no charge, all you have to do is throw on clothes you don’t want and give them to people who would benefit from receiving them.”

Hotwagner said he made sure that the clothes will be given away, not sold.

The underwear idea will be discussed at today’s senate meeting.

The senate will also discuss co-sponsoring the 2011 EIUnity Diversity Conference along with the Minority Affairs.

The Student Senate meets at 7 p.m. every Wednesday in the Arcola-Tuscola Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

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