Students relax during their snow days

With classes canceled Feb. 2 and 3, students had to find new ways to occupy their time. Many students went out to enjoy the weather, running through the snow, sliding on the ice and taking pictures of the frozen campus.

Other students have chosen to spend their days off indoors. The snow day has given many the chance to sleep in, play video games, watch TV and spend time with friends.

Lisa Perfors, a freshman music education major, has been visiting her friends and playing video games as well, but she has also used the extra time to work on her music.

“It’s pretty sweet,” said Perfors, “It’s nice to have like one day where all I have to do is practice my violin and do homework.”

Perfors lives in Pemberton Hall, where the resident assistants planned movie screenings in the hall’s basement as part of the snow days.

Amanda Wood, a senior English major and an RA of Pemberton Hall, explained that she and the other RAs planned the movie screenings in order to give their residents something to do during their time off. The movies were “Despicable Me” at 2 p.m. on Tuesday and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” at 2 p.m. on Wednesday. Wood also said many residents have been spending more time playing Pemberton’s available board games.

Megan Budrean, a junior English major and resident of Pemberton, enjoyed the movie days, but she has also used the extra time to crochet. She does not consider herself very good, but she says she crochets often and whenever she watches TV. While she usually works on hats and scarves, recently she has been working on a doll.

Nicolas Ferry, a sophomore biology major, said he has found the snow days boring, and would like the university to plan more during snow days.

“Since we are paying for classes and don’t have them, they should at least use the money for activities.” Ferry said. “I’d almost rather have classes.”

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