Student Action Team assembles

Less than a week after being voted into office, Christine Anderson, the student executive vice president, has applications for the Student Action Team available.

There are two different applications, one for the Student Action Team committee members and one for committee chairs. Committee chair applications are due Friday.

The Student Action Team has an unlimited number of seats with the only membership requirement being an appointment by Anderson or the acting student executive vice president.

“The Student Action Team is its own organization that serves to represent the student’s opinions in political and social issues,” Anderson said.

There are three Student Action Team committees: voter registration, legislative action and legislative research.

“Voter registration works to get information out to campus when upcoming elections are for state, local, and national election,” Anderson said.

The voter registration committee presents students with information to encourage informed voting.

Due to the late forming of the Student Action Team, the voter registration will not be able to have its biggest drive, which takes place during the fall.

The legislative action committee contacts legislators to establish relationships before lobbying.

“(Legislative action) plans and carries out our lobbying efforts,” she said. “They are the ones who will decide what actions we want to take on the social and political issues.”

The legislative research committee deals with upcoming issues by becoming informed about student opinion as well as the impacts on the university.

“Our university is largely governed by what happens in Springfield,” Anderson said.

Student Action Team applications are available in the Student Activity Center of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. Committee member applications will be accepted at anytime throughout the semester.

Nike Ogunbodede can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]