Theatre arts department showcases semester

A variety of “scene” performances, verbal pieces and costume designs were shown Thursday night at the first theatre arts department showcase.

The showcase took place in the Doudna Fine Arts Center in the Movement Studio.

Jean Wolski, the interim chair of the theatre arts department, and Mary Yarbrough, an instructor, along with other faculty, came up with the idea of the showcase at the beginning of the semester.

“We wanted a chance for students to show what they’ve been working on all semester,” Wolski said.

Yarbrough said she used to do a showcase just for a class she taught and thought it would be a good idea to expand it to the department.

Four students from the interpretive class and four students from the design class presented at the showcase.

Elyse Waggoner, a senior theatre arts major, displayed costumes she designed for “Translations,” a play that was performed earlier in the semester.

Waggoner said she usually leans more toward performing, but felt that costume design would be a great learning experience.

“I have worked in the costume shop for two years; when I was asked to design the costumes, I was honored,” Waggoner said.

Waggoner said she believes the showcase went well, and she enjoyed seeing what everyone else had done.

Anthony Boyd, a sophomore theatre arts major, performed a poem by Daniel Beaty titled “Knock Knock.”

Boyd said he practiced the piece for two days prior to the showcase.

“I chose this piece because it relates to me and my family,” Boyd said.

He plans to perform this piece elsewhere if he is asked to.

“The showcase was a great way for everyone to show what they’ve been working on all semester,” Boyd said.

Gianni Adorno, a sophomore theatre arts major, presented a scarecrow that he made for a costume class.

The basis for the scarecrow project was to make a scarecrow with a combination of something that really scares someone and something that the same person really loves.

His scarecrow was inspired by his best friends’ fear of spiders and love of Katy Perry.

“I believe the showcase went really well and can’t wait for the next one,” Adorno said.

The department hopes to hold a second showcase at the end of the upcoming spring semester.

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