Decorating rooms comes easy to students

For Eastern students, campus becomes their home for nine months of the year and decorating their dorms makes them feel more at home.

Decorating a dorm room with pictures, posters and other reminders of home can make the transition easier or harder, depending on the student.

Clare Smith, a sophomore history major, has pictures of friends and family to make her room feel more like home.

“I have bean bags and chairs in my triple so everyone has somewhere to sit,” Smith said.

Smith went to Wal-mart to purchase the majority of her dorm room accessories.

Zack Doiron, a senior accounting major, has also put up pictures in his room.

“My room here pretty much mimics my room at

home,” Doiron said.

He also mentioned that he has posters all over his walls.

Doiron, like Smith, also went to Wal-mart to purchase his accessories.

“I just have random artwork I made on the walls, too,” said Amanda Limbach, a sophomore art major.

Limbach’s roommate Shelby Koehne, an English major, decorated their dorm window with window paint.

They also have quotes cut out and posted on their door.

George Pappas, a freshman undecided major, decided that he did not want to decorate his dorm room.

“I don’t want it to feel like home, it’s temporary, home is where my family is,” Pappas said.

Amanda Pennell, a junior family and consumer sciences major, went to Target to purchase her dorm room accessories.

Pennell brought different knick-knacks, posters and a bunch of pictures to remind her of home.

“Even though I have all these reminders of home, I still miss it at times,” Pennell said. “Sometimes, I feel it’s worse to have these constant reminders if I’m already upset–it just makes me want to go home more.”

Dorm room accessories, such as “Wall Pops” can be purchased at the University Bookstore in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Students can also purchase dorm accessories online at store websites, such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA, K-Mart and JCPenney.

Erin Riedl can be reached at 581-7942 or at [email protected].