Manga, poetry inspires artist vision

Using inspiration from manga and poetry, Harold Boyd creates watercolor and acrylic pieces that are shown in galleries and museums throughout the United States.

An “Artist’s Lecture”, featuring Boyd, took place yesterday in the Tarble Arts Center.

In this lecture, Boyd talked about his works and the process he goes through when making them.

Boyd’s works are featured in his solo exhibition, which will be shown in the Tarble until Nov. 7.

The watercolor works were inspired by the poem “The Real Hero” by Yehuda Amichal.

His collaged acrylic works are inspired by Katsushika Hokusai’s manga.

During the lecture, Boyd said he finds inspiration through his everyday life.

“I like images in newspapers. They aren’t meant to be art,” Boyd said.

Samantha Deverman, a freshman undecided major, attended the artist lecture for a couple of reasons.

“I really enjoy art. It’s one of my hobbies,” Deverman said.

She also attended to receive extra credit for an art class.

Deverman enjoyed Boyd’s lecture; she liked that he incorporated humor and was relatable.

“The fact that his work is very personal really shows that he cares,” Deverman said.

Kevin Capodice, a freshman marketing major, also attended the lecture for extra credit.

He likes Boyd’s abstract style and different take on everyday happenings.

“My favorite part of the lecture was when he took one of his drawings, flipped it upside down and said that it was symmetrical,” Capodice said.

Boyd was not here solely to give a lecture.

During the day on Monday, he was busy selecting 63 pieces that will be shown at the 18th Biennial Drawing/Watercolor exhibition.

Boyd will serve as a juror for the exhibition. He used different criteria to select the pieces.

“The pieces needed to be professional works,” Boyd said. “The artists should have a good command on life.”

Boyd chose a variety of different pieces for the exhibition.

“No one wants to see an exhibition full of one type of work. It gets boring and repetitive,” Boyd said.

Out of the 63 pieces entered, Boyd then chose nine pieces to be awarded.

This exhibition starts on Dec. 11 and goes to Feb. 20.

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