University board to get honest

The University Board Cultural Arts has invited Greg Baird, a national speaker in the lesbian gay bisexual transgender community, to lecture during today’s event called “Let’s Be Honest.”

The event will start off with an icebreaker titled “Closing the Circle” that is intended to make everyone feel more comfortable with each other.

Baird’s lecture will focus on coming out, hate crimes, acceptance in the community and bullying.

Other main points of Baird’s lecture are ‘what are you doing for your community?’ and ‘what are people going to remember you for?’

“I hope that after the lecture, people will go out and talk face-to-face with others and find out who they really are,” Baird said.

Following the lecture, Baird will be showing the trailer for his documentary film.

After the trailer is shown, Baird will answer questions.

“The Q&A is probably my favorite part,” Baird said. “Everyone can learn something from each other.”

Darius White, the UB Cultural Arts Coordinator, said he hopes for a good turnout.

“It is good to show awareness,” White said.

During the event, an iPod shuffle will be raffled off. Participants will receive a ticket at the beginning of the event, which will then determine if they receive the iPod shuffle.

Games will also be played before Baird’s lecture.

“This is not just a ‘gay speech’,” Baird said. “Everyone is welcome to attend.”

Upcoming UB Cultural Arts events are, a Native American event, which will be taking place in November.

Also, next semester, a physical disability event will take place.

In this event, students will be put into wheelchairs for one day and keep a journal about their experiences.

“Let’s Be Honest” will begin at 6 p.m. today and will be in the 7th Street Underground.

Admission is free.

Erin Riedl can be reached at

581-7942 or at [email protected].