Students gain information on graduate school

Whether graduate school is required to find a job in one major or not, students learned more about graduate school options at Graduate School Information Day on Wednesday.

Representatives from Eastern’s graduate school programs were present at the event as well as 28 other colleges and universities including DePaul University, Elmhurst College and Saint Louis University.

Bobbi Kingery, a career adviser, said students planning on attending graduate school need to start looking early to find what school is best for their major.

She said while exploring their options, students should take advantage of admissions counselors and representatives while going through the application process.

Kingery said some students have to go onto graduate school because their major requires them to, but many others have looked into it as well.

“Many students feel that it gives them additional time to really focus in on the aspect of their major they enjoy the most,” Kingery said.

The number of students looking into graduate school has increased because of the tough job market, Kingery said.

In a New York Times article published in January 2010, the article speculated that with a recession affecting the economy and employment being in shorter supply, interest has peaked in law school and graduate programs. It goes on to state the number of people taking the Graduate Record Examination rose 13 percent in 2009.

Max Sweeney, a senior accounting major, attended the information day to look at prospective schools.

“To take the CPA I need to earn 150 credit hours, so I was hoping to get a masters to help me prepare for that,” Sweeney said.

At the information day, Sweeny said he learned more about graduate assistantships.

“It gave me a better perspective on how to pay for it, I mean it pays full tuition,” Sweeney said.

Rachel Nyland, a senior environmental science major, came to the event to look into options and an assistantship.

“When I graduate in the spring I’m either going to find a real-life job or go to grad. school, ” Nyland said.

She said to be able to find a well-paying job in her major, it is good for her to get a master’s degree.

“I know that all of my friends that are in grad school have loved it because it’s a totally different experience than just a four year college,” Nyland said.

The show of interest for higher education among Eastern’s staff and students was the focal point of the event.

“I think it’s great for our student’s to realize that there are admissions representatives at the schools that are there to help them,” Kingery said.

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