Pizza with Perry unites campus

Getting to know the university president is something students desire.

“Pizza with the President” took place in Taylor Hall lobby yesterday.

Students had the chance to sit and talk with President Bill Perry at the event.

Students attended for various reasons.

Andrew Lilek, a sophomore graphic design major, attended to get to know President Bill Perry better.

“I believe President Perry is a good guy,” Lilek said. “I wanted to get a better understanding of what kind of a person he is.”

Chris Green, a junior communications major, shared Lileks’ interest of wanting to get to know Perry.

“I heard this event was going on and thought it would be a good opportunity to meet him,” Green said.

Perry attended for many reasons.

“I wanted to hear students opinions on different topics,” Perry said.

Perry asked students how they felt about the size of Eastern, their opinions on the residence halls, why students chose to attend Eastern and other various questions.

While talking with students about where they are from, Perry learned something.

“It does not matter where you come from, because when you get here, you get to mix with people from many different backgrounds,” Perry said.

He also learned many students appreciate the access they have to reach a faculty member, the class sizes and the size of the campus.

Since he learned so much about the students, Perry decided to give them some insight into where he was from.

“I grew up in the Midwest and came up here three years ago,” Perry said.

He also shared the values he admires at Eastern.

“Excellence, personal relationships, different opportunities and service are all good values Eastern portrays,” Perry said.

Students enjoyed the opportunity to meet Perry.

Jon Schaeffer, a sophomore math major, heard Perry speak at Prowl.

“It was good to be able to relate to him,” Schaeffer said.

Austin Cripe, a sophomore political science major, has met President Perry before.

“It was nice of him to give up his time to come and talk to students,” Cripe said.

Andrew Currier, a junior psychology major, has also met Perry.

“I have seen him at football games,” Currier said. “I wanted to get to know him better, too.”

Perry said he thought the event went well and enjoyed getting to meet different students and hear their thoughts and opinions.

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