Students want to know about government

Many students think student government does not publicize themselves to the student body as well as they should.

Brittany Cole, a junior family and consumer sciences major, said she wants student government to help out everyone they can.

Many students think they do not know anything about student government.

When Cole was asked if she knew whom the student body president was, she had no idea.

She thinks student government should be more known on campus.

Cole suggested setting up an informational booth at the beginning of each semester.

Like Cole, Shir’Mond Burroughs, a junior business management major, did not know who the student body president was.

However, Burroughs said he would like student government to follow through with their promises.

He wants student government to represent the student body in a positive way.

Bianca Nelson, a senior sports management major, wants student government to speak clearly for the student body. She thinks student government should let people know who they are.

Jessica Matulef, a freshman elementary education major, would like to see student government host fun activities.

K.C. Hearn, a sophomore elementary education major, would like student government to host more activities as well.

“They should find a way to make more people become involved in student government,” Hearn said.

He suggested they send a representative to see what issues students have with student government.

Shane Sodsaikich, a senior theater major, would like student government to fix the parking situation. He said he would like to have parking structures, such as parking garages, instead of parking lots.

In Sodsaikich’s opinion, student government should think of clever ways to increase finances as well. He suggests having investment funds that will continue to build.

Michelle Murphy, student body president, wants to help students better understand student government and what they do.

Murphy said student government asks administration to improve or change something on campus, and the administration takes their opinion into account. They also approve fee increases the university makes.

Murphy said student government is a liaison between students and administrators.

“The most important power is knowing resources who can make things happen. It is also beneficial to be able to take a problem and try to fix it,” Murphy said.

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