Student government looking for webmaster

The student government’s website has not been updated for two semesters leaving students in the dark about happenings within the organization.

This has left the student government looking for a webmaster to keep the site updated throughout the following semesters.

“Last time, we were left with no notice, so now we are looking for somebody to pick up the site brand new,” said Jason Sandidge, the speaker of the Senate.

Along with an updated website about the idea of trying Facebook to keep the students updated with what’s going on at Eastern.

Student Body President Michelle Murphy wished the page could have been fixed over the summer instead of having to worry about it now.

“We are in a transition period. We have the money allocated; we just have to find a person to take the job,” Murphy said.

In 2009, Eastern’s Apportationment Board approved a webmaster’s budget as a way of funding for the position, but an appointment has yet to be made. While the budget is approved for $300, they still do not know where the money will come from.

“We hope to get the site up as soon as possible,” Sandidge said.

The currently outdated website does not list Jason Sandidge as the speaker of the student senate, but instead lists 2010 graduate Tiffany Turner. E-mail and contact information are some of the links not functioning while the Panther Service Day and Pantherpalooza links direct you to their 2006 websites.

“The first step was getting the budget approved,” Murphy said.

The student government president, executive board, and speaker prepared the 2010-2011 school year budget to be set aside to pay for a webmaster to fix the site and keep it updated throughout the school year.

“But as of now, there is no set date,” Murphy said.

Sandidge and Murphy are both in agreement that the only conflict is finding somebody to take the job.

Webmaster applications can be found in the Student Activities Center.

Kaylia Eskew can be reached at 581-7942 or [email protected].