Column: GLEEfully obsessed with hit FOX show

I am admittedly obsessed with the Fox show, “Glee.”

When “Glee” first premiered on May 19, 2009, I was hooked.

Then until I learned that it would not have another episode until Sept. 9 of that year.

I was absolutely devastated when I found it out.

FOX had given me a taste of a 45-minute American Pie and then they just took it away!

Where else would I hear Rachel Berry’s narcissistic thoughts or Sue Sylvester’s obsessive need to put the sexy Spanish teacher and glee club director down?

The dancing, music, and inappropriate storylines centered around the fictional lives of an Ohio high school glee club were addicting.

Teen pregnancy, adoption, abortion, teacher-teacher relationships, sexual discovery and extramarital affairs are just some of the plots creator Ryan Murphy introduced during the first five episodes.

“Glee” was one of the first high school shows that I watched while not in high school.

I found myself shocked by everything going on at William McKinley High School’s glee club, New Directions.

Which is ironic because most of the storylines probably happen in every high school across America.

Quinn Fabray, the McKinley High School head cheerleader, is the president of the Celibacy Club, who in an ironic turn of events loses her virginity and gets pregnant by her boyfriend’s best friend Noah “Puck” Puckerman.

Fabray, a devote Christian, blames main character Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele) from everything to losing her boyfriend and virginity to getting pregnant.

Rachel Berry is, of course, my favorite character.

Berry’s pushy narcissism drives me crazy and makes me want strangle her during some points.

Other times her dedication to making the glee club better makes me want to be her best friend.

While Berry’s infatuation with Fabray’s quarterback boyfriend Finn Hudson is something most viewers love, it makes me want to throw up.

I am an unabashed ‘Puckleberry’ fan and hope that one day Ryan Murphy will listen to Puckleberry fans pleas.

Even though “Glee” is a new show, it has been nominated for 33 awards and already won

11, including a Golden Globe.

I think that everyone should jump on the “Glee” train, when it comes back for its second season Sept. 21, because as Rachel Berry once said, “Being a part of something makes you special, right?”

Nike Ogunbodede is a sophomore journalism major. She can be reached at 581-7942 or at [email protected].