Nine positions still waiting to be filled for Student Senate

The student government is currently trying to fill nine out of 30 student senator positions.

Two of the positions were from senators who resigned while the rest of the open positions are from students who graduated the previous year.

Jason Sandidge, Speaker of the Senate, said candidates must have at least a 2.3 GPA, be able to work at least two office hours a week, and be considered a full time student.

“I thought, like most people, that student government was a nerdy thing, but then my brothers would tell me stories about everything going on, and I realized student government isn’t only for people with 4.0 GPAs,”

Appointment of a student senator can occur before actual election times during first semester, but they will have to run and be elected in December. Someone who is appointed during second semester will have to run during the April elections.

Candidates may also be asked to serve on a committee.

“We have eight different committees: academic affairs, panther express, diversity affairs, internal affairs, student affairs, business affairs, external relations and university and developmental recycling,” Sandidge said.

Sandidge said student government is looking for individuals who are passionate,

committed and determined for the job.

“(Student Senate) is not a joke. We need someone who has passion for what they will be doing,” he said.

Nike Ogunbodede can be reached

at 581-7942 or

[email protected].