Anderson makes step in right direction

Student Body President Sean Anderson last week began the launching of a series of items he hopes to make the focus of campus debate in the spring.

He has already made progress on one idea, campus safety. Others include reclaiming University Union space and continuing to improve school spirit.

Anderson is calling positive attention to his plan to ask the Illinois Board of Education to begin allocating monies for the improvement of campus safety and generally show that it is more of a priority than it is now.

While campus safety was one of his campaign promises, it is the calling attention to the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union that is both new and worthwhile.

The union, which was built from student funds and from a student referendum, is theoretically supposed to belong to the students.

Instead, university administrative interests have for years slowly crept into the space for their own uses. It is time for students to take back their union. The Cyber Lounge was a good start, but that building needs to be more than a food court.

School spirit is an issue that has seen a lot of progress this semester. The true test will be in coming years as it becomes less trendy, but it seems as if there is a positive momentum that can be maintained.

Sporting events have been the focal point of this momentum (along with First Night and orientation), but eventually it will need to branch out to other issues. This spring’s Greek Week is a good chance for that to happen.

It remains to be seen how far these proposals can get, if they will die a quick death at the hands of administrators the way RSO funding consistently has. But they seem like a good direction to take a step in.