A hard road ahead

In a campaign season with few candidates, the predictable occurred. The entire Students’ Voice Party was elected by about 10 percent of the student body to lead the Student Government in the 2002-2003 school year.

We congratulate the winners, and keep our fingers crossed but our eyes wide open going into the fall. The members of the Students’ Voice party have the ability to lead and hopefully will follow through with the ideas and goals they set forth for themselves before the election.

It will be a young executive board, filled with four sophomores and one senior. Hopefully excitement and drive will overcome some of the experience the group lacks. Also, new student body president Alison Mormino and new student vice president for public affairs Marty Ruhaak should be ready to stand as the experienced part of the group and be able to provide a sense of history.

And, now more than ever, student apathy must be addressed. Only eight people ran for five positions, leaving the president and student vice president for student affairs positions without opposition. Only 1,229 students voted in this election. Those are the biggest obstacles this group of students will have to overcome.

Every person who was elected is capable of doing their job. We have confidence in that. The part that leaves doubt is how well they will be able to do those jobs, and expand their reach and the role of their office on a campus where so many don’t care. From a lack of interested applicants, to a measly 10 percent of students voting, the job will be enormous.

Yes, voting numbers are up from last year, but that is just another sad fact in the sea of apathy that is becoming Eastern.

Mormino, Ruhaak, Lisa Flam, student vice president for student affairs, Ronnie Deedrick, student vice president for academic affairs and Amy Leonard, student vice president for financial affairs, will certainly have a lot of work to do to get students on this campus motivated and interested.

We wish them the best of luck, and continue to support efforts to bring information and interest to Eastern students.

* The editorial is the majority opinion of The Daily Eastern News editorial board.