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Weekly Trend Section: Musicians take over fashion

Thaija Evans, Verge Designer

September 22, 2016

Musicians are taking on new roles as fashion icons by linking up with major brands to create innovative and daring new styles. Rihanna initiated the trend when she joined Puma as their new creative director in late 2014. “Creepers,” by Rihanna, became a must-have shoe that was far too difficult...

Weekly Trend Section: New York Fashion Week

Thaija Evans, Verge Designer

September 15, 2016

  New York Fashion Week 2016 just came to a close after a week filled with exotic threads and wild entertainment. There was an extensive list of designers scheduled to partake in the week’s events. Amongst them was Hood by Air under the creative direction of Shayne Oliver. Oliv...

Weekly Trend Section: Making style your own

Thaija Evans, Verge Designer

September 8, 2016

        Style can be defined as many things. I like to think that everyone has their own style. No one is entitled to delegate someone else’s look. People tend to follow trends, not that it is a bad thing; I myself adore some trends that appear on the for...

Weekly Trends Section: Reviving popular styles

Thaija Evans, Verge Designer

August 25, 2016

As the summer months come to an end, so are the popular summer trends we have either rolled our eyes at or personally strutted. All things hair, fashion and makeup were on the forefront this summer thanks to technology. Celebrities recently released cell phone apps geared toward chic styles. ...

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