Eastern’s on campus student population increases


Cam'ron Hardy

Graphic of student population.

Cam'ron Hardy, News Editor

Eastern’s tenth day enrollment numbers for the spring 2023 semester show 4,533 undergraduate students on campus, which is a 3.30% increase from the spring 2022 semester, 4,388 students. There are 1,475 off-campus this semester leaving a 2.7% decrease from the spring 2022 semester.

This semester compared to the fall 2022 semester decreased by on campus by 9.29% and off campus decreased 3.91%.

The freshmen count went down by 444 students. Since the sophomore rate also decreased by 56 students, a majority if not all of the 444 freshmen are no longer a student at Eastern.

The spring 2023 semester shows a 3.87% increase from Spring 2022 including high school dual credit students. Last semester, Eastern had a population of 8,423 students last spring, and this semester they have a student 8,749 students.

The main cause of the increase is from high school students taking dual credit courses. Last spring, there were 2,519 high school students taking dual credit, while this semester, there are 2,741 students, meaning there is a 222-student increase.

The freshman student population has increased by 61 students. This semester there are 747 students while there were 686 students last year.

The sophomore population has decreased by 9.5%. Last year, there were 774 sophomores, this year there are 707 students.

The junior population has also decreased by 72 students. This semester there were 1,026 while last year there were 1,098 juniors.

Senior population has increased by 68 students. Last year there were 1,539 students while there are 1,607 students.

Within the undergraduate students, 18.3% of them are freshman, 17.1% of them are sophomores, 24.9% of them are juniors and 38.9% of them are seniors.


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