City Council approves of $99,237 street maintenance materials


Rob Le Cates

Charleston Mayor Brandon Combs reads off a resolution for a street maintenance material bid during the Tuesday evening City Council meeting at City Hall.

Rob Le Cates, Editor-in-Chief

Charleston City Council voted in favor 4-0 of a $99,237 bid award for street maintenance materials during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The award was given to three companies: Ne-Co Asphalt, Mid-Illinois Concrete, Inc. and Morris Trucking, LLC.

Mid-Illinois received the bid over CCI RediMix

The Council voted in favor of reallocating funds for a discontinued water treatment pump that was to be bought this year.

Because manufacturers have stopped production, the council will have to “make do” with the current pump until a new pump can be purchased in fiscal year 24.

The now-available budgeted funds will be reallocated to the Nutrient Assessment Removal Plan to help further develop the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

A bid waiver for two new police squad cars was approved by the Council.

They must be purchased from Pilson Auto Center in an amount not to exceed $39,745 per vehicle.

The Council approved a “surplus sale” for two police-use cars. 

The proceeds of the sale will be deposited into Charleston’s general or water-sewer fund.

Mayor Brandon Combs reappointed Matt Madigan and Nora Pat Small to one-year terms as ex officio members of the Charleston Historic Preservation Commission.

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