Student Senate fails to meet quorum for second week in a row, cannot vote


Rob Le Cates

Two empty seats, unfilled by student senators, preventing Student Government from reaching quorum to conduct official business at the Student Government meeting Wednesday night.

Ethan Schobernd, Campus Reporter

For the second meeting in a row, Student Government was unable to officially hear Speaker of the Senate nominations or appoint multiple people to various committees on its meeting Wednesday night.

If the senate does not meet quorum the following week, Student Executive Vice President Payton Ade will have to take the permanent position of Speaker of the Senate.

Ade, a double major in history and political science, said that despite their frustration with the situation, they are hopeful senate can meet quorum.

“I feel frustrated,” said Ade. “But there is hope with senators that we can get a quorum. We were having a little bit of difficulties. Especially since we did actually have an increase of size in population this year that was enough to cause an increase in quorum from 14 to 15.”

14 of the 16 senators were in attendance, with Kassandra Amaya and Karolina Guzek not present for the meeting.

Conner Mellott, a senator and a freshman geography major, discussed ways to recruit more senators so they may meet quorum.

“I think we just need to get the word out, really,” said Mellott. “I think we need to get people figuring out what student government can do and what the abilities of it can do. This place is kind of awesome.”

Billie Frazier, a freshman senator majoring in political science, said that any students who may be interested in joining Student Government should do so.

“I would say just do it,” said Frazier. “At the end of the day, we all get scared of things, but Student Government is something that is gonna look good on a resume. But also, it’s gonna be good for you to be involved, especially incoming freshmen.”

In the adviser report, Ceci Brinker did not have a report; however, she mentioned reaching out to students so the Student Government can meet quorum.

The graduate adviser, Justin Richards, also made a statement regarding senator recruitment. He said that senators should attend the Homecoming week events and to wear their Eastern apparel to set a good example to the student body.

Ade said that the Bylaw Revision Committee will be meeting soon now that they have enough senators and executives.

Jacqueline Williams, the Student Body President, addressed the inappropriate marketing situation regarding homecoming court elections, saying that she does not support any inappropriate behavior or marketing.

Williams also said one more student is needed for the Textbook Rental Service Advisory. Also, she said she had a meeting with the Student Body President of Bradley University, Erin Bousek, about how Eastern’s Student Government works.

Ade discussed the Chief of Police sessions and the future meetings that will be taking place on Oct. 19 and Oct. 22 at 3 p.m.

Ade also said they met with the IBHE (Illinois Board of Higher Education) Trustee Leadership Conference about strategies for thriving in Illinois through equity, sustainability and growth. The meeting also included supporting student initiatives now that some schools are moving away from Developmental Education and moving towards co-requisite requirements.

The Student Vice President of Academic Affairs, Prabin Karki, said that the admission policy revision and the new course, BIO2500G Human Biology, have been approved.

Karki also reported that during the faculty senate meeting, they discussed upgrading DegreeWorks, on Eastern’s PAWS page, from 5.01 to 5.04. If approved, the upgrade will change the appearance of DegreeWorks. The faculty senate also discussed how Eastern is attempting to increase enrollment and that Student Government can help.

Terrence Trimuel, the Student Vice President of Student Affairs, said that the Apportionment Board is setting up a tabling event for recruitment and will need assistance.

In the committee reports, the different committees said that they are meeting for the first time and brainstorming ideas. The Committee for Business Affairs is currently researching a projected increase in student fees and making booklets to increase student engagement and financial literacy.


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