Student Government to meet Wednesday


Rob Le Cates

Executive Vice President of Student Government Payton Ade lists off rollcall for the senate on the Sept. 15, 2021 meeting.

Ethan Schobernd , Campus Reporter

Student government will be meeting Wednesday to discuss different issues of business and executive reports.  

The board will call the meeting to order and take attendance as usual, followed by the approval of the agenda. 

The meeting will have Tanya Willard, who has a doctorate in philosophy, present for the meeting as audience participation. 

Advisor report will be provided as well as the graduate advisor report. 

Old business and new business will be discussed as well as the executive reports from the officers of the student senate. 

After committee reports and announcements are given, the meeting will reach a close. 

The student senate’s previous gathering took place at 7:06 p.m. on Sept. 15. 

Introductions were made by the senators and Executive Board members. After the introductions, advisor report and graduate advisor welcomed the new and returning senators. 

The Executive Vice President, Payton Ade, explained the Student Government’s mission statement along with its branches and introduced the Student Life Office staff. They also explained the requirements to be in the student senate and other expectations. 

They also had the executive reports from the different members of the senate. 

Payton Ade, who is also Interim-Speaker of the Senate Report, discussed the recruitment plan for the fall that was established at the end of August. Ade challenged senators to discuss Student Government with other students. 

Student Body President, Jacqueline Williams, discussed the success of First Night as well as programs to promote mental health such as Animals in the Quad and yoga classes. Williams also talked about the Mentoring program with Freshman Connection program to possibly make a freshman council. 

Ade addressed the fall semester goals along with helping with other student involvement events and other issues. 

Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Prabin Karki, went into detail about Dining with the Deans, briefly discussed ideas about Prowlin’ with the Prez, and discussed more events within his office. Karki also wanted to encourage vaccinations and submitting proof of vaccinations campus wide. 

Vice-President of Student Affairs, Terrence Trimuel, discussed upcoming student events and explained what Apportionment Board is and ways to recruit members. 

In the committee reports, the Executive Vice President explained that committee chair applications are open, and anyone can apply. 

With no other announcements, the Student Government’s last meeting was adjourned. 

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