Column: Learning why people love their dogs

Karina Delgado, Opinions Writer

When I was growing up, I never understood why people from the United States loved their dogs so much.

When I would go to Mexico to visit family, I would see tons of homeless dogs on the street waiting for food. Meanwhile, here in the United States, I see tons of homeless cats hunting for food.

It was a culture shock to see how different the United States and Mexico were when it came to different animals. I had dogs growing up, but I never understood the hype- until I met Pancho.

During lockdown last year, I was searching for a dog through adoption websites. I have been dogless for eight years.

I spoke with my parents and told them how I wanted a dog and that I think I am grown enough now to understand how a dog works. I got their stamp of approval and off I went to search for a new best friend.

Again, I did not understand the dog culture people have in the states. I just wanted a dog to pet and go on walks with.

I was not interested in dogs until I went to Eastern; every finals week, people bring dogs to the Library Quad for students to pet.

I realized how happy I got when I saw a dog and could pet it. During lockdown days, I realized that maybe getting a dog will make life better.

Every dog I applied for was already taken. Every email I received started off with “sorry.” I did not realize how fast dogs get adopted.

I went everywhere to search for a best friend from shelters to pet shops to emailing breeders, I even almost got scammed on craigslist. I went everywhere but no luck at all. My last resort was Facebook.

I posted a status asking if anyone knew where I could find a small dog, I received comments over the same adoptions websites I have already tried. I hit the jackpot as an EIU friend privately messaged me saying a family friend was looking to sell their Yorkie. I took on the deal and drove an hour away to meet my friend. This day changed my life forever.

That day I took my new best friend home, Pancho: A year-old Yorkie who was so shy and wouldn’t leave my side.

I knew from this day forward, he was going to be my best friend. A year later I understood why people love their dogs so much. I treat Pancho like a baby, he is my everything.

Animals are truly our best companion, the amount of love between an owner and a pet is incredible. I am blessed to have so much love from a little furball.

Karina Delgado is a senior English major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]