Board of Trustees to vote on new locker room

Corryn Brock, Staff Reporter

A $698,400 new locker room for the Women’s Basketball team will be voted on by the Board of Trustees Friday afternoon. 

The purchase will include $51,800 in design fees, $2,600 in design contingency $584,324 in construction costs and $59,676 in construction contingency. The purchase may be less than the listed amount but cannot exceed the amount. 

The project is being funded by donations. The contractor over the project is Grunloh Construction, Inc. from Effingham. 

The description of the project explains everything involved in the project, including remodeling the existing rifle range within Lantz Arena into a locker room, shower, and media viewing area for the Women’s Basketball team. 

The board will also be voting on a multi-year contract for Brenton Emanual, director of track & field and cross country. Emanual’s monthly base salary will continue at $6,800.67 with the ability to receive any non-negotiated across-the-board salary increases. Additional compensation is available with the attaining of certain APR goals. 

The contract would be a three-year term beginning on June 18, 2021 and ending June 17, 2024 with the possibility extension of one year if either the men’s or women’s Track & Field team attain an OVC championship. 

The board will also vote on the approval of non-indentured and indentured reserves. The purpose is “to retain working capital allowances and adequate funds for repair/replacement of equipment and/or relevant facilities as well as repayment of debt, the bond resolutions allow for the transfers to reserve.” 

The 2022 preliminary budget and 2023 budget projections will also be reviewed by the board. 

The 2022 board meeting calendar will be voted on and is anticipated to be: 

  • January 21 (meeting on campus) 
  • April 22 (meeting on campus) 
  • June 24 (meeting on Campus) 
  • June 25 Board Retreat (Location – TBA) 
  • September 9 (meeting on campus) 
  • November 11 (meeting on campus) 

The board will also be introduced to the new student trustee, Payton Ade, during the meeting. 

Ade is a sophomore from Mahomet. He has a double major in history and political science. 

Michael Perri, the current student trustee, will complete his term on June 30. 

During the information items, Beth Helebrandt will discuss the Center for Student Innovation, a report will be given on the Staff Senate by Jody Stone and university highlights as well as summary of purchases will be reviewed. 

Corryn Brock can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]